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"Up-to-date lighting solutions for home, garden and small commercial projects."


The most important first step is for Nancy to listen closely to the lighting needs of the Client. From that, determine the design intent and scope of work. We offer a full range of services and in your case, you may use some or all of them. This is what we can do for you.

Initial Jobsite Meeting

Meet at the jobsite with the Client and Design Team to discuss desired lighting and dimming controls needs. Talk about what you like, what you dislike and dreams of what you want. We will brainstorm ideas and agree on how to proceed.

Preliminary Design

Review existing interior and exterior architectural plans. Create a preliminary lighting layout in AutoCAD. Begin a list of suggestions for recommended lighting fixtures, decorative lighting fixtures and system controls. Meet with the Client and Design Team to review the ideas and refine the lighting plan and fixture choices.

Design Development

Finalize the lighting plan in AutoCAD. Research and select fixture types meeting Title 24 requirements and the design aesthetic. Write fixture and lamp specifications, create fixture cut sheets and a booklet of the specification information. Specify controls switching and keypad layouts or work with a systems integration specialist. Request pricing for budgeting as needed.

Construction Phase

Site visits to coordinate with the electrician to solve installation conflicts (something is almost always in the way!), answer questions and confirm the design intent is on track. Update drawings and fixture specifications to reflect jobsite changes.

Final Focusing

Activate and program the dimming controls system. After artwork has been hung, aim and focus the lighting at night to create the magic of lighting envisioned from the first meeting!