McCoy Lighting Design

Interior, Landscape, & Dimming Controls

"Lighting can make or break your space"

Alex S.

Nancy was awesome during design. She had a great eye and created a nice set of drawings with switches that was easy for the electrician to install. The end result - amazing! We've never had such well-thought out lighting. It really makes a difference. We love the kitchen lighting and also the aesthetic and light quality of our outside lighting is so nice. Great service, kind person. Highly recommended.

Jill H.

Climbing a 12 foot ladder every few weeks to change out $300 worth of crappy halogen bulbs that are made in China was making me crazier than I already am.  My alternative was to work by candlelight and potentially burn the building down - until I met Nancy McCoy.  She responded to my 911 lighting emergency and transformed my working space into the well lit oasis I had always wanted. Nancy has a great eye and is able to determine what lights will work best in your space.  She is calm, kind and so easy to work with.  I highly recommend her for your home or work space.  Never underestimate how much lighting can affect your mood each day.  I am so much happier thanks to Nancy McCoy Lighting Design and am secretly convinced the new lights make me look younger which makes her a miracle worker!

Laurie P.

I first hired Nancy in 2000 as a lighting designer in the renovation of a huge old house in Pacific Heights (San Francisco). Her wonderful sense of space, design, and era helped me transform the lighting in this 1915 classic home into well-lit space without ruining the ceiling lines and overpowering the beautiful interior. Nancy and I became friends through the trials and tribulations of updating the lighting in this spectacular but challenging space. She has worked with me since on two more projects, each very different, with challenges of their own. I am constantly amazed by Nancy's sensitivity to her client, the space, and the era of the space. She never imposes her own tastes; she has a vast amount of experience in many different styles, and she always finds just the right approach for each project. I am also in awe of her knowledge of the latest and greatest technology in the lighting profession. Nancy is a first-class professional. Just the best there is.

Juliana C.

Nancy McCoy is a talent lighting designer with full knowledge of the industry and its complex laws.  She has vast information on all types of lighting styles, and price points.  I have brought her very complex designs for my clients and she always comes through with detailed plans which makes my job and the contractors job very easy.  My clients are always happy with the end result and that is the bottom line.  She is a talented professional.  I highly recommend her.